A book about mental training

This is the website for the book "Choose to be a winner".
The purpose of the book is to help athletes understand why it can be difficult to perfom under pressure.
The book contains a lot of real world scenarios and tools.


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  • Training planning / Competition planning
  • Training Journal
  • Mental training
  • Visualisation
  • The inner conversation
  • Mental energy
  • Focus
  • Self confidence
  • Mental competition preparation
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JENS FUDGE - the author

I have been involved in archery since 1987. I have won a fair share of competitions, peaking at the Paralympic Games in 1992, where I won the GOLD medal.

Mental training has helped me a lot, but I have also helped a number of athletes, mostly archers, with the mental game. Some of the archers I have helped have thanked me by becoming World Champion, Nordic Champion, National Champion and even Regional Champion

Reviewers say

To ensure a high quality of the book, I have asked a few archers to review it. Read and give feedback. I would like to thank the reviewers for there tremendous work.

Martin Damsbo says:

This book is awesome, it demystifies mental preparation into easy steps anyone can follow

Dennis Bager says:

When I picked up the book, I couldn’t put it down again. It’s really well written and gets to the point in a very easy to understand way.

Maja Jager says:

“I have been given tools to think in a positive manner. The book contains a lot of really good, spot on points, and practical exercises that are quite easy to follow"

I also want to thank David Martel.

David has done a tremendous job in proofreading the English version of the book. Without him you would have had to read the book in a Danish guys version of English. Thank you so much David

The book is available at:















Amazon: It has come to my attention that some countries cannot order the book due to various technical issues. For example Australia.
If this is the case please send me an email, and we'll figure something out. If you can bank transfer or PayPal it'll be fine. For almost all countries this will amount to the equivalent of USD 50.00 including shipping.
Even if you can order directly from Amazon you can still order from me if you want a signed copy

If thats the case, you may order from Alternativess.com in stead.

Comments and questions can be sent via email: info@choosetobeawinner.com

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